Wish List and Query Update

I've read all queries sent before July 2, 2014

I've read all requested partials sent before December 2, 2013

I have an intimate list of clients and am actively seeking to sign more quality writers and illustrators!

Young Adult: interested in all genres, but am quite burnt out on dystopian, sci-fi, urban fantasy and paranormal. I love contemporary, but I'm burnt out on the sweet, summer romances as well as when the *protagonist* gets *conflict* for *drugs, murder* and *love interest* saves the day. 

I really would love something different. Not just another retelling of the same story that's been done over and over again. I would love to see a novel set within another culture (Blood Diamond, Memoirs of a Geisha). I gravitate toward beautiful and exceptional world building.

Picture Books: Illustrator/authors, only. I do not accept text-only submissions. I do gravitate more toward animator/illustrators and their unique talents for telling a story. 

Non-Fiction: For adults or kids; however, it can't be a textbook. Something with a technology, pop-culture, women's issue or lifestyle slant is for me.

I am not accepting submissions for middle grade, screenplays, or adult projects not listed above.

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  1. 1) Please note: the link on your page at the agency does not work. Apparently, one has to include the "www".

    2) How does one discern whether a protagonist is likely to appeal to young women? It is not clear to me that the age of the reader necessarily determines what she will like.

  2. clara27 says:

    OOOOPS!! I had read somewhere else that you were taking MGs. Here you mention you don´t want younger middle grade. What age are we talking about here? please elaborate.

  3. clara27 says:


    I read somewhere that you were talking middle grade novels, but here you mention you are not interested in younger middle grade? What exactly is "younger" middle grade? Could you explain this a bit more?

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