Different Roads to Publication: Ghostwriting

Fabulous interview with client Dawn Miller over at YA Highway today!

Here's a short snippet:

What are some pros and cons to ghostwriting in your opinion?

I love ghostwriting. Until my first job, I'd always written first person present tense and mostly fantasy or dystopians. Now, I have experience writing in different genres and tenses which makes my writing stronger.

I won't lie, ghostwriting is paid work. And getting paid is a very, very good thing.

As for cons, I think the toughest thing is tight deadlines. I'm a fast drafter, but having a publisher deadline that's three months out is insane. Doable, but insane. I've developed a nasty case of carpal tunnel pounding out drafts.

I've been asked if it bothers me no one will ever know the books I worked on. Honestly, no. Unlike writing for myself, I don't form an all-consuming attachment to these books. It's a lot like a nine-five job. I can turn it off-and-on, and don't spend all night wondering if I should do X,Y,Z. When the book is gone, out of my hands, that's that. I tend to think of myself as the nanny, bringing it up properly, and then returning it to its parents. I'm totally fine with that.

Hop on over and read\ the rest! YA Highway's "Different Roads to Publication" is a fantastic series of interviews which offer insights to alternative roads most don't think about! Good stuff.


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  1. Great post! I met a writer who ghost writes at the SCBWI MO conference. She made enough last year by doing it she could cut her regular job hours in half. She managed to land an agent and sell her ya novel all at the same time.

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